Power range up to 800 kW

Ruhrpumpen has created the largest ever mag-drive coupling, in magnetic couplings for engineered pumps. At the rating of 800kW, this technology pump includes an exclusive design of axial and double radial bearings made of silicon carbide.

The SCE-M and CRP-M (OHM) magnetic driven pumps promise 100% leak-free performance, these pumps are maintenance free and meet the requirements of the TA-Luft (German Technical Instruction on Air Quality Control).  The SCE-M pump is a API 685 pump and draws its hydraulic range from the SCE API 610 OH2 line wich offers about a 150 different hydraulics covering most applications within 80 – 100% of the peak efficiency point.

Both pumps are made with center line casing, heavy duty casing thickness and engineering bearing housings to meet the refineries and petrochemical industry technical’s demands.

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